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COPTRZ News: Greenpeace drone stunt highlights need for drone detection at critical facilities

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July 4, 2018


    Greenpeace have posted footage on their Facebook page of them flying a drone into a French nuclear facility. The group have claimed the stunt was performed to highlight security issues around the facility. The facility was reportedly “at no time worried about the drone or attempted to intercept it”.

    It was crashed into the tower in Bugey, a town around 30km away from the major city of Lyon. With the use of drones growing exponentially, now is the time to act against the potential negative threats that drones pose.

    Drone detection experts COPTRZ believe the crash seriously highlights the need for these major facilities to invest heavily in drone detection technology. The technology is there and readily available, so there is no excuse for incidents like this to happen again.

    This isn’t the first stunt Greenpeace have performed at French critical facilities. It would, therefore, suggest they are vulnerable to attack if action isn’t taken in the immediate future. Can these incidents be prevented with drone detection?

    Drone Detection

    What’s the solution to prevent incidents from happening again?

    The answer to that question is quite a simple one, drone detection. A lot of critical facilities and businesses in the UK have begun to take ownership of this technology. It can help prevent these kinds of incidents and protect companies important assets from being accessed.

    Drone detection systems would have allowed the facility to not only be warned about the drone, but also the location of the drone and its pilot. It also collects data such as the altitude, speed, the location of take-off, the direction the drone is heading in. This data can allow facilities to quickly act in the event of a drone attack.

    If it’s caught early enough, it can prevent similar incidents from happening, and this is what Greenpeace is clearly trying to show.

    Steve Coulson, Managing Director and Founder of COPTRZ commented on the incident saying:

    “This incident further highlights just how important drone detection is. The Greenpeace incident has hopefully helped to show the facilities just how crucial it is to be wary of the potential negative threat that drones can have on their facilities. The time to act is now to ensure that these incidents don’t occur outside of a controlled environment. Drone detection is going to play a key part moving forward, so it’s important for businesses to get ahead of the game.”

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