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COPTRZ News: DJI Geo Unlock Upgraded for UK Enterprise Users

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June 27, 2018


    Drone giants DJI have announced the official launch of their DJI Geo Unlock Custom Unlocking Process upgrade 2.0. Their geospatial system has been specifically designed to help users conduct safe flight, not only for themselves but for the general public as well.
    DJI are committed to helping maintain a safe airspace for all their uses and the general public. Their GEO System has helped customers to make smarter decisions, and prevent flight in locations that may raise concern. Sometimes, however, commercial drone users may need to operate in restricted locations. With that in mind, they have upgraded the Geo Unlock process. This enables users to operate freely in restricted zones, such as airports, power plants, prisons etc.
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    The upgrades are expected to enhance the user’s experience with the following updates:
    • Shorter response time
    • Streamlined application process
    • Improved customer experience

    In addition, enterprise users can now apply for multiple aircraft unlocking with just the one request submission. You simply have to submit each aircraft’s model information, flight controller serial number and DJI account on the application webpage.

    What is DJI’s Geospatial System?

    DJI’s Geospatial Environment Online (GEO) is a best-in-class geospatial information system providing DJI users with up-to-date guidance on areas where flight may be limited due to safety concerns or regulations.

    This provides DJI users with information that will help them make smart decisions about where and when to fly.

    The GEO system is advisory only. Each user is responsible for checking official sources and determining what laws or regulations might apply to his or her flight. In some instances, DJI has selected widely-recommended general parameters (such as a 1.5 mile radius at airports) without making any determination of whether this guidance matches regulations that may apply specifically to you.

    DJI have stated that they hope these improvements will allow more authorised organisations to better incorporate drone technology into work in times and places of need.

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