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COPTRZ fly the Flyability Elios drone at Tech Incubator Launch

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April 17, 2018


    Here at COPTRZ, we decided to take the Flyability Elios drone for a fly at the Platform Tech Incubator Launch in Leeds.

    Take a look at the video here:

    The Elios is the first collision tolerant drone. It’s housed in a carbon fibre protective frame, and therefore means you can access the tightest spaces without the risk of crashing. It can also bounce off walls and roll, as well as fly close to humans without risk of injury.

    The Elios is fully equipped with an HD camera, as well as a thermal camera, and an onboard LED lighting system. It also has cutting-edge wireless communications systems, therefore provides live feedback to the pilot. It can access even the most inaccessible of places.

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    It’s unique specifications make the Flyability Elios suitable for a host of applications including:

    Police & hostage scenarios
    Tunnel inspections
    Mine inspections
    Hazardous chemical area inspections
    Sewer inspections
    Tank inspections
    Bridge inspections

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