Here at COPTRZ we hosted a fantastic drone demo day down at the Norfolk Showground with the emergency services.

On show were a number of the superb products that we have available in our store. This included the impressive Aeroscope drone detection unit. There were also demos for the Flyability Elios and DJI's Matrice 210.

WATCH: Our Video of the Day

A little more information about what we demo'd on the day:

DJI Aeroscope Drone Detection System

DJI launched the AeroScope to be a purpose-built drone detection system that allows the operator to easily track telemetry data from DJI aircraft in surrounding airspace within a radius of up to 20km. It’s in effect, a drone license plate detection system, as well as a data provider.

The Flyability Elios

The Flyability Elios is the first collision tolerant drone designed specifically for inspection and exploration of inaccessible or potentially hazardous places.

The Elios has a carbon fibre protective frame, and therefore allows you to access tight spaces without the risk of crashing.

The Elios can bounce off walls and roll on them to find its way. You can fly close or even in direct contact with humans without any risks of injuries.

Matrice 210

The DJI Matrice 210 has revolutionised the commercial drone market since it’s release, providing a robust enterprise solution at an affordable price.

Situated as the middle model in the Matrice Series, the M210 benefits from a dual gimbal, and therefore enables the operator to capture two data sources at the same time.

This is particularly useful in industries such as search & rescue or solar panel inspection. Situations where a user may require simultaneous HD imaging and thermal imaging.

With the inbuilt option of an upward gimbal, the DJI Matrice 210 has revolutionised the way data is captured. This is in a number of scenarios including bridge inspection and wind turbine inspections.