Coptrz Academy Launches with the Mission of Improving Drone Training Standards around the World

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November 22, 2021


22nd November 2021 — A radical new drone training platform has launched with the mission of improving Enterprise Drone Training to a Higher Education standard.  The drone industry is predicted to be the fastest growing global industry across multiple sectors over the next 10 years with 70,000 drone operators needed within the UK alone by 2030.

Coptrz believe that it is imperative that the standard of Enterprise Drone Training moves to that of a Higher Education level to ensure that this new skill gap within organisations is urgently met. Coptrz Academy has launched as the first official Global Drone Training Academy with OFQUAL Accreditation, and the world’s first Drone Industry Mini-MBA.

The world’s first Mini-MBA of the Drone Industry called the Master of Drone Applications (Mini-MDA) is designed for industries including surveying, inspection and public safety. It gives organisations and students the skills, knowledge and accredited qualifications in one programme. The 12-week programme also includes OFQUAL Level 4 & 5 qualifications equivalent to a HND (Higher National Diploma) or foundation degree.

Here’s just some of the features and functionality organisations will experience when choosing Coptrz Academy as their place of study:

  • The highest volume of drone courses to meet the rise of drone adoption and the resulting skills gap, hand-selected by commercial drone experts with 30 years of online delivery experience
  • The only ‘mobile-first’ designed Unmanned Skills Portal including multi-format flexible courses with learning style analysis to maximise learner engagement, retention and outcomes.
  • The only Unmanned Skills Portal to benchmark drone team’s skill sets (current skills vs the skills you need at 0-100%) and then design a learning journey to achieve personal and organisational goals
  • The first and only Unmanned Skills Portal with an artificial intelligence (AI) curation engine to deliver an unrivalled drone-related content experience to learners
  • First and only Unmanned Skills Portal including all courses from CPD to regulatory formal qualifications to life skills and personal interests all in one place

Steve Coulson, Co-Founder of Coptrz Academy, said: “After more than 18 months of development, the new Coptrz Academy platform is world leading in functionality and user experience, not just in the drone sector but across all learning and management platforms.

“By utilising AI, the learning journey is interactive engaging with relevant content curated from across the internet, allied to over 450+ internal courses for skills development for employees in large organisations and small business owners alike.”

The world’s first official Drone Training Academy is offering a 30-day free trial where you can find out if the Unmanned Skills Portal is right for your organisation. Enrol now –


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