The COPTRZ team recently put the DJI Zenmuse Z30 through its paces at our DJI M210 Demo Day and we were mightily impressed with how it performed. Despite the number of payloads that the team demonstrated during the day, the Zenmuse Z30 was undoubtedly the crowd favourite due to its unrivalled zoom capabilities. It’s clear to see that this will become a key tool for many commercial drone users, particularly those who conduct industrial inspections. Read our guide to the DJI Zenmuse Z30 below and if you have any additional questions just give the COPTRZ team a call on 0330 111 7177 or email

DJI Zenmuse Z30 Overview

Designed to work flawlessly with DJI’s Matrice range, the Zenmuse Z30 is the first aerial 30x optical zoom camera of it’s kind. It has been built with industrial inspections in mind, providing unparalleled image quality from range. As a result of conducting inspections from distance, speed and efficiency of operations are increased, whilst the risk of collision is significantly reduced.

Key Features

  • 30x optical zoom and 6x digital zoom
  • Total magnification up to 180x
  • TapZoom
  • 0.01° stabilization for precision control
  • Compatible with the DJI Matrice series
  • MOV, MP4, and JPEG output formats
  • Works as a top or bottom mounted payload on Matrice 200 Series

The Test

Within a matter of minutes, we had the DJI Zenmuse Z30 setup on the Matrice 210 and displaying it’s zoom capabilities through the DJI Pilot App. We were really impressed by the quality of video output at extreme distances, and we can see that this is going to be a clear winner for those who need to inspect structures such as power lines and wind turbines. During the flight test, we used the Zenmuse Z30 to inspect a powerline whilst maintaining a safe distance so as not to interfere with the aircraft. After maxing out the 30x optical zoom, the Z30 automatically switched to its 6x digital zoom and despite a slight loss of image quality, we were still able to see the powerline in more than enough clarity. Watch the video below to see our inspection test:

Introducing TapZoom

DJI have made the task of zooming with the DJI Zenmuse Z30 an absolute breeze. By incorporating a feature called TapZoom, the operator can simply tap a finger on a subject of interest and the Z30 will automatically adjust its focal length to give an enlarged view, making the most minute of details visible in just seconds.


There is no doubting that the Zenmuse Z30 is a serious piece of kit. Quite simply, there is not an alternative on the market right now that can provide such detailed inspections at distance, whilst also increasing operator safety. It should be a fundamental part of your kit if you are looking to conduct safe, efficient industrial inspections whilst maintaining the highest data quality. As with all decisions regarding commercial drone equipment, we urge you to take advice from experts who can give solid kit recommendations based on your business objectives.

If you would like to find out more about the DJI Zenmuse Z30 and whether it’s right for your business, please contact the COPTRZ team or call 0330 111 7177.