CAA Clarifies No additional restrictions for DJI Matrice M210 series

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May 30, 2019


Today the Civil Aviation Authority released a statement regarding the DJI Matrice M210 series drones following a statement earlier this week from DJI. Following some isolated incidents involving the Matrice M210 series, the subsequent DJI investigation pointed to water being the culprit, our previous article about this can be read here. See below for the statement from the CAA.

CAA Skywise Alert 30th May 2019:

DJI Matrice 210 series drone

On 22 March 2019 the CAA released a Skywise update regarding the DJI M210 series drone and a number of reported failures.
The manufacturer has been unable to identify a common root cause and continues to investigate whether the failures are related. The CAA has received no further similar reports.
No additional restrictions beyond those in the Air Navigation Order 2016 are in place for the use of a DJI M210.
However, the CAA reminds operators to have appropriate mitigation’s in place if flying over persons or property in accordance with the Air Navigation Order, as was the case prior to this reported issue.
The key message here is No additional restrictions beyond those in the Air Navigation Order 2016 are in place for the use of a DJI M210″, the CAA are therefore confident that the Matrice M210 series of drones are safe to fly and can therefore continue to be used without further restriction.
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