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Benefits of an OFQUAL Level 4 Drone Training Qualification

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July 30, 2021


    Drones have become a recognisable and everyday part of our modern society and can be used in a range of different ways. From capturing unique photographs of previously inaccessible scenes, gathering sensitive audio and visual information and data, to simply enjoying exploring the skies around a location. Drones have a variety of uses. They are now used by people in all professions, not merely elite law enforcement or government organisations.

    With this prevalence, however, has come risks and responsibilities. As drones have become more commonplace, laws and requirements have had to work quickly to catch up and ensure that everyone is on the same page. As part of this, it seems only natural that regulations surrounding training and accreditation would come into existence, and that is exactly what has started to occur and develop within the industry.

    There are many companies that now offer A2 CofC and GVC drone qualifications, but no one other than COPTRZ can offer you drone training recognised and registered under OFQUAL – the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation. So what are the benefits of an OFQUAL Level 4 drone training qualification? In this blog, we’ll look at:

    • Where an OFQUAL Level 4 drone qualification can take you
    • What the benefits are
    • What the future could hold for you
    • How to enrol on our GVC + Ofqual Level 4 drone training course


    OFQUAL 4 drone pilots

    You may already know that to fly UAV in the UK whether commercially or as a hobbyist, you must have either an A2 CofC or a GVC qualification. Most importantly, you must register as an operator and a flyer, as it’s against the law to fly without passing an online test and registering.

    So what are the benefits of an OFQUAL Level 4 certificate on top of your required training? Let’s explore…

    Where can OFQUAL Level 4 drone training take me?

    This training can take you one step further ahead of the crowd. This qualification is the first of its kind in the market.

    In addition to your General ‘VLOS’ Certificate (GVC), COPTRZ can also separately provide you with an academically registered qualification under OFQUAL (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) as a Level 4 award. That means if you choose COPTRZ for your GVC, you’ll have the option to receive a vocational Level 4 award recognised across the board by employers in many sectors, representing a standard between an A-level and a degree (ONC/HNC level). This qualification is available as an additional extra.

    How does this benefit me?

    The ability to obtain an official, certificated Ofqual qualification holds a huge number of benefits for you. A qualification of this level has the ability to boost earning potential through the status it holds; employers will recognise the value and be able to set pay accordingly.

    1) Impress potential employers

    The progression and structure which you make throughout the duration of the course will be able to be monitored. Learning and skills achieved and acquired will be apparent and demonstratable, easy for potential employers and external agencies to understand and appreciate. This not only means that you will open up your potential job and contract opportunities to a much wider market but it also ensures that when you land the ideal role, you will be paid accordingly.

    As an additional benefit, obtaining an OFQUAL 4 drone qualification is a serious achievement and a huge boost for personal development and growth. It will show employers that you are serious about your future career prospects and that you are open to the possibility of continuing your education and professional development in the future, making you a far more appealing candidate.OFQUAL 4 drone pilots

    2) Boost your earning potential with a formal qualification

    Your earning potential will also be boosted by the OFQUAL 4 accreditation offered with the drone qualification. All participants will be equipped with CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) accreditation, providing you with the opportunity to significantly boost your potential career and future opportunities. It allows the GVC to be formalised for the first time, giving it an official place in the professional development of the students and has the added bonus of attracting grant funding to support the studies of participants.

    This has an additional benefit for the participant and their business, with a positive impact on the cash flow and opening the door for new opportunities.

    3) It’s recognised by EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE!

    Ofqual is a globally recognised qualification meaning your earning potential has just gone to the next level. It’s also a quality stamp, it lets companies know that you’re a serious pilot. No one outside the drone industry knows what a GVC or A2 CofC is, but they know what OFQUAL is. To win the contracts you need to speak in a language everyone understands.

    What does the future hold?

    As well as having benefits as a stand-alone qualification, the Award can also open new doors for future potential, as it can fulfil the criteria needed for advancement. For roles such as Chief Pilot and Head of Operations, a higher qualification is needed; generally Level 5 and Level 6 Commercial Drone Operations certificates. Level 4 will often allow exclusions from some of the foundation modules for these courses, saving you time and money in your career development, and offering a fast track to the career you want.

    It can also offer international opportunities; many countries are not currently able to offer their own GVC in the same way as the UK CAA do. This means that the market for this type of formal certification and accreditation is huge, and the potential is expanding and growing on a daily basis.

    OFQUAL 4 drone training pilot ready for take off

    Katie Orr, Head of Awarding Organisation at TQUK commented:

    “Having a qualification from an Ofqual regulated awarding organisation provides the ultimate assurance of quality, validity and reliability. All Ofqual recognised qualifications go through stringent development processes that adhere to nationally set standards.

    These qualifications are developed in conjunction with industry to ensure they are fit for purpose and reliably indicate the knowledge, skills and understanding of each learner. TQUK Level 4 Award for Commercial Drone Pilots is the ONLY regulated qualification which can be used to apply for the Civil Aviation Authority’s permission for commercial operations (PfCO).”

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