AeroScope thwarts illegal drone activity at G20 summit

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March 14, 2018


A cutting-edge drone detection system discovered 18 “infringement incidents” and helped to ensure the safety of world leaders and the public during the 11th G20 summit.

The AeroScope DJI Drone Detection System was deployed during a recent meeting of the Group of Twenty at Hangzhou, China at the request of the Ministry of Public Security, the Public Security Department of Zhejiang Province and the Public Security Bureau of Hangzhou.

Protecting World Leaders

AeroScope, developed in response to the increasing commercial and hobbyist use of drones giving rise to growing concerns for public safety, air traffic safety and possible privacy infringements, ensured the public was protected during a sensitive time for security when world leaders met to discuss global political affairs.

AeroScope was used to identify real-time illegal drone activity during the summit, after a 20-kilometre no-fly zone, within which drones were not permitted to take off or enter for the full five days, was ordered.

During this time, the AeroScope system discovered 18 infringement incidents concerning drones, ensuring that safeguarding measures could be put in place in response to the illegal drone activity. This was vital to public safety due to the obvious security risks posed by having 20 world leaders in the same place, at the same time, and showed the AeroScope system to be an invaluable security asset on the world’s stage.

The system was able to obtain every illegal drone operator’s UAV serial code, make and model, UAV position, speed, latitude and ground controller location, before passing on this information to police teams on the ground, who were then able to react accordingly.

DJI AeroScope Data

With the capacity to track such data in up to 20-kilometres of surrounding airspace, AeroScope will likely continue to be a first choice security measure at significant political events in future, as well as locations including airports, festivals, sports stadiums, military facilities and prisons.

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