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A2 CofC v GVC drone training course comparison

Rachel Shardlow

10:33 am GMT •

February 26, 2023

Coptrz are a leading provider of drones and drone training globally to individuals, companies and large global government agencies. We provide a range of training including the A2 CofC and GVC training courses.

The A2 CofC v GVC drone training course comparison, which is best?

This A2 CofC and GVC guide will help you decide which certification is suited to your drone operation level. If you are a serious drone operator you might need both the GVC and A2 COFC certifications.

What is the A2 CofC?

The A2 COfC is a remote competency certificate that aims to ensure the safe operation of small drones near uninvolved individuals; it covers both commercial and non-profit operations.

The A2 CofC is a training course required to operate in the A2 Sub-Category of the OPEN Category under UAS regulations, without the certification, you may be unable to operate in certain areas.

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of flight, including how to navigate congested airspace. It also covers other important aspects, such as battery safety and environmental factors when flying.

What is the GVC Certification?

The General Visual Line of Sight Certificate provides a recognised qualification which proves remote pilot competency, suitable for VLOS (visual line of site) within the Specific Category.

The Specific Category is for operations considered a greater risk than those in the Open Category. It also includes those that stray outside the Open Category scope.

The GVC is designed for drone pilots involved in commercial operations with drones such as the M300 RTK, M30 Series, and Inspire 2. Although the Phantom 4 RTK and the Mavic 3 Series can be operated in the Open Category, drone pilots can still sit the GVC certification.

The Specific Category for drone pilots involves an operational authorisation granted by the Civil Aviation Administration (CAA). The new operational authorisation process is an assessment by a UAS operator or a series of Pre-defined Risk Assessments (PDRAs).

The GVC course consists of a theoretical learning period, a theory exam, and a practical flight assessment. Compared to the A2CofC, this course is more practical and longer, covering topics such as air law, UAS airspace safety, navigation, and meteorology.

Our GVC course has been accredited by OFQUAL Level 4, which means you can be confident you’re getting the best training. After completing the GVC certification, you can apply to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for operational authorisation to fly in the Specific Category after completing the GVC course.

How do I get certified?

Complete your course of choice online through COPTRZ OFQUAL accredited academy. Our A2CofC and GVC drone training bundles provide you with both the A2CofC and GVC training in one convenient package, and we provide the necessary training and support even after completing the course.

Our A2CofC course is free to start, and you can book your exam once you’re ready. This course is ideal for those who operate small or light aircraft and want to fly closer to people.

The GVC Certification requires more extensive training, designed for people who operate heavy and commercial drones and involves:

  • Theoretical learning
  • Theoretical exam
  • Operations Manual, Practical Flight Assessment.

We believe in the potential of the drone industry and are committed to making it as accessible as possible. In order to help it grow, it’s important for drone pilots to follow proper safety procedures.

To help boost the accessibility of drone training, we offer the A2 CofC Drone training course completely free. If you’re ready to start your drone certification, this course is the perfect place to start.






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