The skies are vast, and as drone technology advances, the necessity for safer and more regulated flights becomes paramount. DJI, a leading drone manufacturer, has introduced the GEO Zone system to ensure that drone pilots can navigate the skies without compromising safety. Here's a comprehensive guide to understanding and unlocking GEO Zones on your DJI drone.

What are GEO Zones?

GEO Zones are geographical areas where drone flights might be limited by law or pose safety or security concerns. DJI's GEO system provides drone pilots with real-time information about these zones, ensuring that they can make informed decisions about where and when to fly. The system is designed to prevent drones from entering sensitive areas and to inform users about the specific flight restrictions in different zones.

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Types of GEO Zones:


1. Restricted Zones: These are areas where no flight is permitted. Typically, these zones cover airport runways in a rectangular shape that is 1.2 km wide and extends the length of the runway with an additional 3 km on each end.


2. Altitude Zones: These zones restrict the flight altitude. They consist of two parts: a 60-metre height-restricted area extending 3.6 km outwards from the corners of a Restricted Zone and a 150-metre height-restricted area extending 8.4 km outwards from the corners of the first part.


3. Authorisation Zones: Flight is restricted by default in these zones, but users with a DJI-verified account can self-unlock. These zones are oval-shaped, consisting of two 4 km semicircles on each end of a runway that connect in the middle.


4. Enhanced Warning Zones: These are circular areas extending 2 km outwards from an Authorisation Zone's perimeter. When a drone approaches this area, the DJI GO app issues a warning, and users must confirm if they wish to continue flying.

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Unlocking a GEO Zone:

If you find yourself needing to fly in a restricted area, DJI provides a self-unlocking feature. Here's how you can unlock a GEO Zone:

1. Prepare Necessary Documents: Before applying, ensure you have personal identity information, flight controller serial number, coordinates of the central flight point, radius and height of the flight area, unlocking duration, and official documentation from local aviation authorities.

2. Apply Online: Visit the official DJI website to apply for the unlocking licence.

3. Import the Licence: Once approved, import the unlocking licence to the DJI app.

DJI usually processes unlocking requests within an hour. If your request is rejected, DJI will notify you with the reason, and you can provide supplementary information as needed.


The Importance of Flying Safely:

As a DJI drone pilot, you bear the responsibility of ensuring your flights are safe and in compliance with local laws and regulations. This not only ensures your safety but also contributes to the positive growth of the drone community. Always stay updated with the drone-related laws of your country and choose a safe flight environment.


DJI's GEO Zone system is a testament to the company's commitment to safety and innovation. By understanding and respecting these zones, drone pilots can ensure that the skies remain safe for everyone. Whether you're a professional cinematographer or a hobbyist, always prioritise safety and fly responsibly. 

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