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A Drone Attacks Your Corporation: What Do You Do?

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June 6, 2018


    The fact is that with modern technology comes increased vulnerabilities for corporations. The FAA predicts that by 2020 there will have been 7 million drones sold in the US. These aerospace vehicles can be utilised as tools for industrial espionage. A drone can disrupt or even destroy a company’s computer system with ease. For this reason it is essential that corporations have a reliable set of drone detection systems in place.

    What can a drone do?

    The list of aggressive capabilities a drone can inflict on a company is constantly increasing. They are able to spy using sophisticated cameras which can take images of sensitive information from a great distance. They can further hijack confidential data by hacking into wifi networks. It has never been more important to keep company information secure.

    Company leaders should always be aware of the potential threats of corporate spying in an age where people have access to sophisticated flying cameras. From the right vantage point sensitive information can be easily captured. Any open window can expose company figures written on a white board.

    A drone can hover outside a building undetected as high ranking employees openly show sensitive data. If this data is captured it can be devastating and profit competitors. Modern drones are getting ever more difficult to detect – they are becoming micro size and the reach distances of their camera lenses are expanding. Businesses have a problem that needs to be faced head on, and ignoring the threat will jeopardise a company’s safety.

    The threat that they pose

    The miniaturisation of drones coupled with their ability to remotely track internet connections, intranet networks and Bluetooth signals gives them the ability to collect data on a dangerous scale. The fact that they are able to physically move while doing so makes them an even bigger threat. They can cause data breaches, server failures as well as general malfunctions.

    Companies that retain the financial and personal information of their customers are particularly vulnerable to the effects of drones. If a drone manages to get hold of this confidential information then the company could be held liable. This could have an irreversible economic impact on the company. It would also severely damage the reputation or trust that company had formerly maintained.

    The dangers of drones are not just limited to data breaches. They can also be a direct physical threat. Unfortunately a drone today is easily weaponised. They are able to drop things such as heavy payloads onto buildings and surrounding areas. For this reason they may be utilised by terrorist groups.

    What can a corporation do to protect itself?

    The first line of defence is awareness of the threat to begin with. Know your enemy. A drone relies on the airspace around a company building, so developing an airspace security plan will limit the damage it can cause. Drones can now take images from greater distances, so keeping physical company data out of view from windows is essential.

    Staff should be trained on how to avoid this new threat. All companies that want to avoid drone hacking should develop an airspace detection system.

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