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A Closer Look at the Parrot Sequoia

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June 17, 2018


    Within the agricultural sector, the Parrot Sequoia has quickly become one of the most sought-after cameras currently available. However, it is important to note right away that it is not just a camera. It is so much more.

    Its incredibly advanced range of features makes organising and managing agricultural land incredibly efficient on the micro-plot level. Let’s take a more in-depth look at its features.

    Key Features of the Parrot Sequoia

    – The Multispectral Sensor

    The Parrot Sequoia contains two types of sensors, which allows it to suitably do its job. The first, the multispectral sensor, is what analyses your crop and calculates how much light is reflecting from its surface.

    The results that you can then analyse show a composition of green and red lights, as well as two different infrared bands that are invisible to the naked eye.

    – The Sunshine Sensor

    The sunshine sensor works by recording the intensity of light that emanates from the sun. It can accurately track the composition of light based on the four types aforementioned.

    When brought together, these two sensors are what enable farmers to effectively move towards aerial precision agriculture. Thus allowing you to spread expensive fertilisers and pesticides in the most cost-effective and efficient manner.

    Parrot Sequoia

    – Compatible With All Types of Drones

    One of the biggest selling features of the Parrot Sequoia is its compatibility with almost all kinds of drones. Due to its compact size, it can be easily fitted to small and large drones alike. Including those with both fixed wing and multirotor functionality.

    You can be sure that the drone will remain steady and easy to control with the addition of the small sensor. Meaning you don’t need to upgrade to a large expensive drone to get the results you need.

    – Advanced Software Compatible

    Of course, the data that the sensor agrigates will then need to be broken down and presented to you in a clear and actionable manner. Well, the Parrot Sequoia is compatible with a variety of advanced software solutions. This includes: Airinov, Pix4D and SenseFly.

    In particular, the Pix4D and Parrot Sequoia combination allows you to receive absolute reflective measurements, without the need to use radiometric calibration targets.

    Pix4D Mapping Software

    – WiFi and USB Enabled

    The Parrot Sequoia is fully Wi-Fi and USB enabled. This makes transferring data back to your software and hardware simple and straightforward.

    Farmers can choose whether to quickly transfer their data to either their desktop or a more portable device such as a mobile or tablet. The latter allows you to analyse data and get instant results without the need to take your drone back home and plug it in.

    How does the Parrot Sequoia compare?

    Of course, the Parrot Sequoia is not the only multispectral camera on the market, and there are a few other similar devices trying to emulate its success. Farmers often find themselves trying to dig into the technical specifications to see how it stacks up. In particular, against the Micasense RedEdge. So, let’s take a look for ourselves here.

    To start with, the biggest difference you’ll notice between these two devices is their size. The Parrot Sequoia is roughly half that of the RedEdge, coming in at just 107g. This leads to a few obvious benefits, most notably, its ability to be used on a wider variety of drones. Placing larger, heavier sensors on smaller drones can cause serious stability issues and make them harder to control.

    That being said, many consider the RedEdge a more desirable camera if they can afford the larger drone. It certainly does allow for some startlingly accurate imagery for you to dissect.

    But on the other hand, the SD slot and GPS integrations within the Parrot Sequoia allow farmers to accurately make predictions and craft tactics for even the smallest portions of their land.

    Overall, if budget is a consideration and you are just starting out with this sort of technology, the Sequoia might be your best choice. Its lower price and size means that it can be used alongside a wider variety of drones and offer incredibly in-depth reviews of both small and large agricultural areas.

    Start accurately predicting your yield today

    Operating a profitable farm in 2018 and beyond means making the best use of major industry-changing tools. The Parrot Sequoia is one such tool. Those who own both small and large agricultural areas are turning to this device to help more accurately predict their yield and future-proof their firm’s economic success.

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