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AIVA – The Ultimate Drone Inspection Software?


4:34 pm GMT •

June 17, 2020

AIVA – The Ultimate Drone Inspection Software?

Do you use a drone to inspect assets? How are you storing & presenting the data collected from these flights?
Maybe it’s time you invested in AIVA. Find out more below;

What is AIVA?

AIVA is a software platform that allows drone operators, inspection companies & asset owners etc to efficiently gather inspection data by drone and upload them directly onto the cloud as geo-referenced images. You can then grade and identify any faults and generate professional reports so that clients or maintenance teams can then improve asset protection.


Can I provide my client with access to AIVA?

AIVA is available with multiple access to your inspections. So that your staff and clients can all access asset reports. And any other third-party stakeholder – It affords great flexibility.


Is there a limit to the number of sites I can have on AIVA?

There’s no limit to the number of sites you have – We have some clients with five assets and some who are dealing with thousands of assets and hundreds of thousand images. We offer bespoke packages for different types of clients with different types of assets. We’re confident that AIVA can help in any inspection scenario.

Is AIVA Suitable for All Inspections?

AIVA lends itself out to all kinds of applications. For example;

  • Wind Turbines (onshore & offshore)
  • Flare Stacks on Oil Rigs
  • Solar Farms
  • Chemical Plants
  • Steel Works
  • Roof inspections

And many more, there’s a huge range of pre-programmed applications and faults/severity. Additionally, we can customise the software to work with any terminology/severity ratings.

Is AIVA Compatible with all operating systems?

AIVA is cloud based and will work on any operating system with access to the internet.

Can AIVA work for me?

Come and talk to us. Talk about your assets. Talk about your workflow. Talk about what ideal looks like in your mind. We’ll look at how we can optimise AIVA to suit your situation. AIVA is there to work for you – adapt to your operations and enhance productivity. You can get in touch with us here.



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