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Transform 3D Aerial Power with DJI Modify
Brand new 3D model editing software from DJI, specifically tailored for drone photogrammetry data. Seamlessly integrated with DJI Terra, it offers a comprehensive solution for 3D modelling projects.
Elevate Safety with Parazero
Unleash the potential of your drones while ensuring unparalleled safety. Parazero's advanced parachute systems are designed to protect your equipment and surroundings, giving you peace of mind in every flight.
Discover the Unseen with Elios 3
Step into a new era of inspection. The Elios 3 drone takes you where no drone has gone before. With its cutting-edge collision tolerance and 3D mapping technology, inspect the inaccessible and gather data like never before.
How to Select the Perfect Data Format for Drone Mapping
We dismantle the jargon-filled barriers and eliminate the gatekeeping. Giving you a clear understanding of the various data outputs available from your drone.
AgEagle: MicaSense Series
Unlock Precision Agriculture with Micasense - Advanced multispectral drone sensors for insightful, data-driven farming.
Tune into Coptrz TV
Your go-to channel for the latest in drone tech, tutorials, and industry insights.
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Committed to sustainability, our climate-positive workforce ensures environmentally responsible drone operations.

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Frequently Asked

Dive into our frequently asked questions for quick, clear insights into our drone solutions and services.

What Services Does Coptrz Offer?

Coptrz provides comprehensive commercial drone solutions. This includes drone hardware and software, pilot training, and ongoing support. We specialize in various sectors such as surveying, inspection, public safety, and film production.

Can Coptrz Help with Drone Pilot Certification?

Absolutely. Here we offer a range of training programs for aspiring drone pilots, including courses for beginners and advanced users. Our training ensures compliance with regulatory standards and equips you with the skills needed for professional drone operations.

Does Coptrz Offer Custom Drone Solutions?

Yes, we do. Understanding that different industries have unique requirements, we build customised drone packages to meet specific needs. Whether it’s for surveying, inspections, or creative media, we tailor solutions to maximise efficiency and results.

What Types of Drones Does Coptrz Provide?

We offer a wide selection of drones, catering to various applications. Our range includes compact drones for photography, advanced multi-rotor drones for industrial inspections, and fixed-wing drones for large-scale surveying projects.

How Does Coptrz Support Clients Post-Purchase?

Our commitment extends beyond the sale. We provide ongoing support through technical assistance, software updates, and repair services. We also offer advanced training and consultancy to help you get the most out of your drone technology.

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